About Us

Meet our team

Cheshire Contractors Pty Ltd is a locally owned and operated civil construction and earthmoving company that was first established in 1979. With over 35 years of experience we have undertaken and completed a vast number of projects all across Queensland, including Cape York, for an array of clients comprising private developers, property developers, Local & State Government and the aquaculture industry earning ourselves a reputable status in the civil construction industry.  Our commitment to quality work every project has assisted us in building strong foundations and relationships with many clients, proven by return business time and time again.  At Cheshire, we believe you are only as good as your last project and therefore deliver high quality workmanship, each and every project. Part of our goal is to contribute to the achievement of your goals.

The Cheshire group is made up of a number of entities that provide support services such as plant hire, as well as entities that project manage full scale residential and industrial developments.

Fleet Capacity

Cheshire Contractors owns and operates all of our machinery. We take great pride in keeping our plant in good working order and conduct all maintenance from routine to major rebuilds in our Cairns workshop. The workshop is run by John Della Ricca who is a part owner of the business and employs 4 other diesel fitters. We also have 2 field mechanics that provide onsite repairs to reduce downtime. Our extensive range of machinery includes:

Cheshire Contractors also operates its own low loaders with dollys to enable machinery to be shifted as required. Our machinery is complemented with our fleet of 45 vehicles for servicing, supervisors, foremen, and construction crews.

We are also equipped with the latest in GPS 3D grade control systems, SPS Total Stations and Precision lasers. The GPS 3D grade control system fitted to earthmoving machinery allows for greater accuracy in excavations and reduces the need to have grade checkers or survey stakes installed which increases our productivity. This system is fitted to our Caterpillar 324D, and Volvo 300DL Excavators, our Caterpillar 140H, 140M, and 16G grader. The SPS (Satellite Position System) Construction Total Stations is used for all of our construction set-out and as-constructed survey. All of our earthmoving machinery can be fitted with laser levels to undertake bulk earthworks and trimming operations

Past and present clients include: