Projects - Current

Hughenden - Recreational Lake and Surrounds Precinct Project

Flinders Shire Council - $5.2m

In July 2018 Cheshire Contractors were contracted by Flinders Shire Council to complete The Hughenden Recreational Lake and Surrounds Major Works contract. The construction of the recreational lake is located on the eastern side of the Hughenden township on land which is adjacent to the Historical Coolabah Tree, this tree holds cultural significance linked to two relief expeditions searching for Burke & Wills, the site is locally known as Station Creek. The works will see 800,000 cubic metres of dirt excavated with the lake at completion being approximately 800m long and 250m wide and the average depth will be 3.2m. The project requires the construction of a 4-meter-high earth wall embankment, spillway, and excavation of the actual lake area, a boat ramp, and landscaping around the edge of the lake and surrounding parklands. Cheshire Contractors will endeavor to help the local community by employing locals, sourcing products through local suppliers and engaging with local community groups.

Cardwell Prawn Farm - Design & Construction of ponds

Evelake Pty Ltd - $1m

With the accelerated growth of Aquaculture in the North Queensland region, Cheshire Contractors are helping to progress the industry and are currently undertaking works at the Cardwell Prawn Farm. These works include the Design and Construct of the project, 250,000m3 in Bulk Earthworks for 22 Ponds and Associated Feed Channels, Outlet Channels and Remediation Area to the Aquaculture Facility.

The project consists of 2 Stages - Stage 1 sees the construction of ponds 1- 22, the main inlet channel, the main outlet channel with the excess fill being used to construct various ponds between pond 23 and pond 52. Stage 2 will see the completion of all 52 ponds and the remediation area, likely to commence upon completion of Stage 1.

Cardwell - Intake Sediment Ponds Upgrade

Seafarms Pty Ltd - $825K

Cheshire Contractors have commenced preliminary works onsite at the Crystal Bay Prawn farm. This project is a Design and Construct, which includes upgrades to the intake ponds, and supply and installation of Pre Cast Monks that are fabricated in house to our specifications. Cheshire Contractors are pleased to help the local community through employment opportunities and buying local.


Projects - Completed

Long Pocket Road - Road Widening

Hinchinbrook Shire Council – $500K

Cheshire Contractors were awarded the contract for Long Pocket Road widening in September 2017. The Project consisted of a road shoulder widening and culvert installations. As always the local weather was a challenge, Cheshire Contractors overcame this challenge within the allotted timeframe and presented the works on schedule and on budget. Cheshire Contractors adhered to all local content requirements and ensured fair and reasonable opportunity to local suppliers.

Gort and Fanning Street - Road Widening

Hinchinbrook Shire Council - $250K

Cheshire Contractors was awarded the contract in October 2017. The widening works consisted of the implementation of  traffic control devices and erosion and sediment control devices, cut and fill of subgrade design levels, Trimming and compaction of subgrade layer, Construction of concrete structures, Installation of pavement layers, as well as the supply and install of the bitumen seal, and Line Marking.

John Dory Street - Road Widening

Hinchinbrook Shire Council - $195K

Cheshire Contractors commenced work in October 2017. Works that were undertaken included the implementation of the required traffic control and erosion and sediment control devices, the cut and fill to the subgrade design levels, Trimming and compaction of subgrade layer, Construction of concrete structures, Installation of pavement layers, and the supply and install bitumen seal, Line Marking. 

Murray Falls Road - Construction of  Bridge

Department of National Parks, Sports and Racing -$300k

Cheshire Contractors commenced work in January 2017. The works consisted of the upgrade of an existing culvert crossing from three 1.2m diameter reinforced concrete pipes to bridge beams with a 9m span. The works involved the demolition and removal of the existing pipes and headwalls, followed by the construction of the foundations, abutments and wing walls. Three 9m precast beams where then placed to construct the bridge crossing. Works also included rock lining the creek bed and banks and realigning, preparing, placing material, compacting and trimming the bridge and drains.

Cheshire Contractors are very conscious of the environmental impact on the downstream fauna and flora and erosion controls were implemented throughout the job. Some of the works being carried out 2m below the creek bed, and with rainfall totals of 762mm in February and March, this meant overcoming a few challenges. Also the location of the bridge meant the parks and camping areas were closed until the job was complete. Many challenges were faced with the nature of the job and the time of year and Cheshire Contractors succeeded in executing the works in a timely manner.

Ingham - Bruce Highway Overtaking Lane Upgrade

Downer EDI Ltd - $2.4m

Cheshire Contractors were successfully awarded the contract in September 2016. The project involved upgrading 5kms of the Bruce Highway, including new overtaking lanes, service roads and lane widenings. Works that were undertaken include, clearing and grubbing, stripping and respreading topsoil, cut to fill, embankment, removal of unsuitable material, placement, compaction and trimming of gravel to subgrade. Cheshire Contractors, where possible, supported local business and suppliers in the area.     

Callide Power Station - Provision of Ash Handling & Civil Work

CS Energy Ltd – $2.2m base contract annually plus additional civil works.

Cheshire Contractors were awarded the contract for Ash Handling and Civil Works at the Callide Power Station in December 2015. This is an ongoing contract over 2 years which includes Ash Cartage, Bund Building, Ash Trucking, Dust Suppression, Wast Containment Handing and Addition Civil Works. We have been working closely with CS Energy to meet our KPI’s and meet all obligations with Environmental and WHS Plans.

McDonnell Creek - Bruce Highway Centre Line Widening

Pensar Civil Pty Ltd

This project covered 4km of centreline widening upgrade works to the Bruce Highway South of Cairns. This detailed construction was undertaken to the Department of Transport and Main Roads specifications. Our excavators, graders were equipped with UTS & GPS controls and supported with our survey personnel. Works were completed on time and budget with minimal impact to traffic.

Sarina - ET02 Dunder Dam Upgrade

Wilmar Bioethanol Pty Ltd - $1.2m

After the successful completion of the Plane Creek Mill Molasses Dam in 2010, Cheshire Contractors were shortlisted to tender on the ET02 Dunder Dam Upgrade at Oonooie. Cheshire Contractors were selected as the successful tenderer, which is a testament to our quality, experience and competitive pricing.

Upon commencement of the dam refurbishment various tasks were undertaken including removal of 10,000L of bio-dunder from the existing dam, excavation to reshape, reform and clay line the internal dam, installation of new concrete ring beams to the dam perimeter, and fencing of the new dam area. Cheshire Contractors were able to complete this contract on time and under budget through unseasonal weather conditions and working in conjunction with other Principal appointed Contractors.

Peninsula Development Road (PEND-1891) Mein Deviation Upgrade – Bulk Earthworks to Subgrade between CH:98900 – CH:112763.

Civil Mining & Construction Pty Ltd - $3m

The project covers 14km of road upgrade works to the Peninsula Development Road 98km north of Coen, QLD. Over 100,000m3 of earthworks to road excavation and embankment construction was undertaken to the Department of Transport and Main Roads specifications. The materials encountered ranged from -75mm to +1000mm in particle size including insitu hard rock. The handling of these materials required various methodologies utilising scrapers, excavators, dozers, articulated dump trucks, road trains, and graders to excavate, cart, and place. All construction works were undertaken under traffic adhering to strict traffic management procedures and plans. Our excavators, scrapers and graders were equipped with UTS & GPS controls and supported with our survey personnel all works were successfully completed without survey pegging.

Cairns - Tobruk Pool Redevelopment

ADCO Construction - $1.2m

Cheshire Contractors were the successful tenderers for the civil works to the Tobruk pool redevelopment. Our previous successful undertakings with ADCO Constructions in the site preparation and carpark construction on the Australian Federal Police building showed our commitment to quality and timely delivery of these work.

The scope of works involved the bulk earthworks to the whole site for the excavation of the new 50m and 25m pools to FINA specifications. Earthworks to the new building foundations alongside associated civil works. Our scope of works also includes the construction of a 140 space asphalt carpark.

Callide Power Station - Carkpark & Adelaide Street

CS Energy Ltd - $315K

Cheshire Contractors have been engaged by CS Energy in 2015 to complete an array of various civil construction works. One scope of work includes the pavement rehabilitation, retrimming, resealing and repairs to asphalt of carpark and various internal streets. We also supplied and install guardrails to meet required specifications. The contract completion time was 2 weeks which was achieved on time and budget with minimal disruption to the client.

Callide Power Station - New Coal Stockpile.

CS Energy Ltd - $800K

Cheshire Contractors were the successful tenderer to undertake the construction of a new coal stockpile site for the stockpiling of 400-450kT of coal at the Callide Power Station. The works comprised of the construction of embankments to the perimeter of the coal stockpile comprising of an area of over 4ha. A total of 200,000m3 of ash was use to construction the embankments and achieve final levels to the stockpile site. Works were also undertaken to win, cart and place a clay capping layer and geofabric lined rock protection to the embankments. Additional works were undertaken for road accesses and stormwater drainage infrastructure. The knowledge and experience of our personnel in the construction of bulk earthworks and the management of liquefied soils gave us the capabilities to successfully deliver this project.

Cairns - Mountain View Estate Stage 10A

Private Developers - $2.7m

Cheshire Contractors were awarded in 2014 a 40 lot residential subdivision south of Cairns. Construction of this sub-division provided many challenges, from weather delays to local constraints. Cheshire Contractors experienced staff overcame all these factors to provide the client with a project that was completed on time and on budget. The works on this project included bulk earthworks, storm water drainage, sewerage & water reticulation, roadwork’s, and installation of electrical and telecomunication conduit, this work was completed in June 2015.

Aurukun - 26 Lot Residential Subdivision Stage 2

Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Multicultural Affairs (DATSIMA - Queensland Government) - $2.9M Contract Time 16 weeks - Completion Time 6 weeks.

Cheshire Contractors are pleased to announce that we were successful in being awarded the contract to complete works for the Aurukun 26 Lot Residential Subdivision (Stage 2). Major works to be undertaken throughout this project include Earthworks, Road works, Sewerage reticulation, Water reticulation, Electricial and Communications ducting and wiring, Stormwater drainage and Landscaping. Works have been complete.

Cardwell - Seafarm Civil Works

Seafarm Pty Ltd

This project involves the removal of existing flume pipes located in operational prawn farm ponds as well as excavation of 2km of trenches to install new poly pipe. Once the pipe is installed we will be required to backfill, compact and trim existing roads.

Cairns - Australian Federal Police Office Building Civil Works

ADCO Constructions - $369K

In August 2013 Cheshire Contractors were awarded the civil contract for the new Australian Federal Police building located in North Cairns.

The contract was separated into two stages:

Stage 1 - Initial site preparation works for the building contractor. (Mid to Late 2013)

Stage 2 - Car park construction and site drainage. (Early to mid 2014)

Stage 1 works included, cut to fill and compaction of 5500 sq/m for the proposed building. It also included capping this area with 100mm of crusher dust to water proof the site for the building contractors.

Stage 2 works included the supply and installation of box culverts, 225mm drainage pipe and subsequent pits. Further works included the preparation of sub base and base for a 2200 sq/m car park, installation of layback and barrier kerbing and finally the supply and lay of 30mm depth asphalt to the entire car park.

Hinchinbrook - NDRRA Rehabilitation of Multiple Roads & Streets

Hinchinbrook Shire Council - $1.5M

In June 2013 Cheshire Contractors Pty Ltd were successfully awarded the contract to undertake further NDRRA roadworks including but not limited to the replace, repair and reconstruction of flood damaged pavement on multiple roads and streets within the Hinchinbrook Shire.

The works involved the excavation and reconstruction of over 30,000m2 of pavements. Despite challenges such as the weather and supply of materials, the project was completed within the Contract timeframes. All works were completed to the Department of Main Roads specifications through the implementation of our Quality System.

Hinchinbrook - NDRRA Warrens Hill Road Remaining Sections Pavement Rehabiliation

Hinchinbrook Shire Council - $1.1M

In September 2013 Cheshire Contractors Pty Ltd were successfully awarded the contract to undertake NDRRA roadworks including pavement rehabilitation on Warrens Hill Road remaining sections which is located within the Hinchinbrook shire.

The works involved the excavation and reconstruction of the remaining sections to Warrens Hill Road. This involved the excavation, disposal and reconstruction of pavements from 0.3m to 1.2m depth for 3.9km of road with 8.2m formation width. All works were staged to be completed under traffic control and programmed to suit curing times of cement stabilised pavements. Despite challenges such as the weather and supply of materials, the project was completed within the Contract timeframes. All works were completed to the Department of Main Roads specifications through the implementation of our Quality System.

Ipswich - Track Upgrade at Ipswich Racecourse

Racing Queensland - $285K

Through a national tender process, Cheshire Contractors were successfully awarded the Principal Contractor role to upgrade the Ipswich Racecourse by Racing Queensland.

The project included the stripping and reshaping of two thirds of the track whilst a vigorous renovation was undertaken on the main straight, 400m and 1650m chutes.Once the track had been reshaped, the entire work  zone was solid turfed with Oakridge Kikuyu grown locally for this specific project. Prior to this, a mixture of amendments were added to the soil profile to enhance growth of the new turf. The renovation involved coring at a 25mm diameter and 150mm depth, scarifying with solid knives on a Top-maker and Topdressing with 250 ton of washed local sand.

Through our quality management systems and site specific project management, all contractual timelines were easily met, providing an additional 2 weeks for the grow in phase. This was quite significant for this project, as the work schedule was extremely time sensitive with a definite return to racing date of the 23rd April 2014.

Below is an extract from Racing Queenslands website.

"Cheshire has been chosen to deliver this project due to their extensive knowledge and credentials of track restorations and for their sports turf construction experience including working as sub-contractors on the recently completed Toowoomba and Cairns Racecourse upgrades."


Bundoora - Latrobe Golf Club Enabling Works

Latrobe Golf Club - $337K

In late September 2013, we were awarded the Latrobe Golf Club Enabling works contract. The reconstruction works were brought about due to a major sewer line upgrade by Melbourne Water that will be under construction by mid-2014.

The works that we completed included the construction of three complete tee and green complexes. The works were fulfilled in conjunction with golf course architects Ogilvy-Clayton and overseen by Melbourne Water and the Latrobe Golf Club.

The scope of works included;

Toowoomba - Clifford Park Racecourse Upgrade

Strathayr - $1.1M

Through our commitment to the project, exceptional timely delivery and quality of product through the completion of Cannon Park Racecourse, we have established a relationship with Racing Queensland Limited as a preferred contractor to deliver specialist thoroughbred racecourses throughout Queensland. This extended to our successful selection as the civil works contractor for the Clifford Park Racecourse Upgrade working in conjunction with StrathAyr.

The project involved the reconstruction of the thoroughbred racing and training facilities at the Clifford Park Racecourse, Toowoomba.

Cheshire Contractors Pty Ltd (CCPL) were engaged as a key subcontractor to the Principal Contractor StrathAyr,  delivering the civil construction component of the project. The works included the stripping of the existing synthetic course proper and two training tracks with a methodology to minimize contamination and maximize quantities available for re-use, earthworks to all tracks to promote drainage, re-construction of training tracks with reclaimed synthetic medium and sand. In conjunction with the track works, CCPL were engaged to construct the main asphalt car park including custom horse loading ramps and a complete storm water catchment system to enhance the clubs water sustainability.

All works were delivered with our experienced personnel to the specific timelines, budgets and specifications directed by Racing Queensland Limited.

Cairns - Cannon Park Racecourse Upgrade

McMahons - $860K

We were awarded the reconstruction of the Cannon Park Racecourse located in Cairns QLD by principle contractor McMahon’s. Site works and earthworks included stripping the entire track, an area of 53,500m2 which included 35,250m2 of Grass track, to a depth of 150mm. General earth works included 6,200m3 of cut and 5,000m3 of fill. Once earthworks were completed, we replaced the growing medium then trimmed and compacted the entire track ready for sprigging.

This project also included the supply and installation of over 2000m of subsoil drainage around the inside of the main race track as well as approximately 1680m of electrical conduit being laid. We also constructed over 3,500m2 of a new ambulance road also located on the inside of the main race course.

In order to protect the main drainage culvert outfalls, we installed our patented Cheshire erosion mats which are constructed out of concrete.

Aurukun - Residential Subdivision

Department of Housing & Public Works (Queensland Government) – $4.5M

This project commenced in 2012 and involved the supply and construction of civil works associated with the Aurukun Residential Sub Division Project (stage 1) located in the town centre, Aurukun.

The project covered stage 1 (30 lots) and included bulk earthworks, road works, stormwater drainage, water reticulation, sewerage reticulation, 7m deep pre-cast fiberglass  sewage pump station including SCADA, telemetry and backup generator, polyethylene sewer rising main, electrical ducting and wiring, telecommunications ducting and landscaping.

Hinchinbrook - Flood Damaged Pavement Repairs

Hinchinbrook Shire Council - $1.25M

Cheshire Contractors were awarded the tender to undertake NDRRA road reconstruction to various roads within the Hinchinbrook Shire. The pavement reconstruction involved excavation to damaged pavements to depths of 800mm, disposal of spoil, laying geo-grid to bottom of excavation, construction geofabric wrapped rock blankets to depth of 400mm, reconstruction of road pavements with 400mm of gravel and moist curing of completed works. All materials were Principal supplied with liaison and ordering of materials undertaken by Cheshire Contractors P/L.

Sarina - 67ML Molasses Storage Dam and Roads

Sucrogen Bio Ethanol - $1.6M

Cheshire Contractors were engaged by Sucrogen Bio Ethanol Pty Ltd to undertake the civil works for the 67ML molasses storage bladder located to the south of the Plane Creek Sugar Mill in Sarina, QLD. The construction of this project was undertaken on a greenfield site with all the clearing and mulching undertaken by the client prior to our establishment. Cheshire Contractors were engaged to complete the bulk earthworks, roadworks, stormwater drainage and construction of concrete structures to the molasses dam.

The site was located at the base of an existing hill from which the southern and western dam walls were predominantly sculpted from. Bulk earthworks were completed in the order of 40,000m3 of cut to fill earthworks required to construct the northern and eastern dam walls. The earthworks encountered difficulty through extensive rock outcrops throughout the areas in cut in which blasting was unable to be undertaken due to the site being located within a built-up area. Mechanical means of excavation of this rock was undertaken with a 35t excavator equipped with a hydraulic hammer and a D9T dozer. Through our initiative and research we also purchased a Boulder Buster which was implemented to split/break larger rocks. Upon completion over 3,000m3 of rock was excavated.

Concrete lined cut off drains were constructed along the cut faces in the hill to divert stormwater runoff around the bladder.  Additional concrete works included the construction of intake and discharge pits, overflow spillway and a 1m deep reinforced concrete anchor beam around the top of the dam walls for the anchoring of the bladder lining and cover.

Daintree - Cooper Creek Crossing Upgrade

Cairns Regional Council - $1.5M

Cheshire Contractors undertook the replacement of the existing low level concrete crossing over Cooper Creek, Cape Tribulation with 9/3600x2400 SLBC culverts constructed on strip footings extending 1.5m into the creek bed. Upgrades to the road approaches included extensive embankment earthworks, cement treated pavement base, bitumen seal and concrete causeway over new culverts. Works had to be staged in four sections to maintain water flow and vehicular access.

With the project site being located in the Wet Tropics World Heritage area extensive environmental conditions were imposed on the works and were met during the construction through the implementation of our Environmental Management Plan. The project wasn’t without its share of setbacks, the most significant being a Q50 flood during construction, forcing CCPL to regularly amend works and ultimately implement design changes. These successful changes ensured project completion on time, within budget to required safety, environmental and quality standards.

Mission Beach - Woolworths Supermarket

Mainbrace Construction (QLD) Pty Ltd $1.06M

The construction of the building platform & earthworks to the car park included 6300m3 of cut to fill earthworks & importing 5000m3 CBR15 fill. The building platform was excavated of unsuitable material to a depth of 1m & backfilled to 1.5m above the subgrade including underlay of A34 geofabric carried out to AS3798 Level 1 compaction testing specifications. 8500m2 of asphalt car park was constructed including base & sub-base pavements, 1000m kerbing, & street lighting associated with the new Woolworths supermarket.

Further external roadwork’s consisting of a roundabout on Tully-Mission Beach Road (State controlled road). Through the construction period the project received over 2000mm of rain. Our local experience with working in wet conditions & extensive resources ensured the project was delivered within time & to the satisfaction of the client. The environmental impacts from the rain events were managed to the satisfaction of the client, Council, DMR, and relevant authorities. 

Mission Beach - Naragon Cove Subdivision

Private Developers - $1.2M

This subdivision was a 22 Lot rural residential subdivision located on Alexander Drive Mission Beach. Cheshire Contractors Pty Ltd was approached by the engineers to complete the unfinished works on this project. This had presented a challenging situation to us as the previous developments had been left without appropriate erosion and sediment control measures during the wet season. Our experience in the area and experienced staff returned the project on course and delivered a final project for the client with a minimum of fuss. The project included road works of approx. 700m with 2 coat seal and layback kerb & channel, extensive retaining wall works, water reticulation and stormwater drainage.  

Mission Beach - Oasis

Baracon Construction Pty Ltd - $5.4M

This project was a 143 lot group title subdivision. The construction of the subdivision was carried out over 2 stages & included two external intersections on El-Arish-Mission Bch Rd (State controlled road). Construction works included road works, stormwater drainage, water reticulation, sewer reticulation, installation of sewer pump stations (inc. rising mains), & electrical & telecommunications installations.

CCPL established a close working relationship with the client for the development & provided vital information to the client to assist in the designing of the proposed development achieving approximately $2M in cost savings. During the construction of the project extensive delays as a result of changes in engineering design, Council approvals & weather conditions were experienced. Through our commitment to the project & experience we provided support to the client to obtain the necessary approvals and ensured that minimal time was lost. As this project was located within an environmentally sensitive area, strict Cassowary habitat conditions had been applied by DEWHA. CCPL applied a high level of environmental management to the delivery of the project to ensure these conditions were met.

Hinchinbrook - Arnott Creek Crossing Upgrade

Hinchinbrook Shire Council - $600K

The new crossing consisted of a 3/3300 x 2100 SLBC (skewed) with cast insitu concrete base slabs, aprons, wingwalls & headwalls constructed to Main Roads specifications. 180m of road was also constructed which included cement treated base course & concrete pavement over the new culverts. A detour track of 2.5km was constructed to allow local residents continued access during the construction period which allowed us to undertake our works of full removal of the existing crossing & construction of the new crossing without interruptions.

With the project commencing in November 2009, we were also placed with the responsibility to maintain access to the local residents for the oncoming wet season. This was achieved with the new crossing being partially completed prior to the Christmas Holidays. During the construction of this project, CCPL applied QA processes & met strict environmental conditions through the implementation of our environmental management plan.